Create new portfolio


Portfolio data

A portfolio is a collection of projects. The new portfolio will automatically increase the number of the name with 1. This name can be altered in "Name"


Where to find

Taskbar Portfolio >> Create new portfolio (fig. 2)


Settings (fig. 1)

active portfolio: use drop down to change the active project (fig. 2)

Show / toggle task panel

Export data

Reload: refreshes the window

the "action icon" reveals some options (fig. 3) like:

New portfolio. Create new portfolio with default values.

Copy portfolio. Creates a new project and it is still linked to the composition

New composition. Freezes the old version and the new version is the actual working version.

new task

Lock portfolio. Locks portfolio temporarily for editing by other users. It stays locked until unlock or when user is signed out.


General information



Access rights appointed to users.

All documents related to this portfolio.



Warning: Don't forget to save the changes you made in the data before you leave!


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